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Tennessee Youth Employment

What is TN Youth Employment? 

The Tennessee Youth Employment Program offers individuals between the ages of 14-24 a unique opportunity to develop their professional skills and explore career options.

Our program is designed to provide youth with real-world work experience and life skills training to help them succeed in the workforce. Additionally, the program assists employers throughout the State of Tennessee with youth who offer a variety of experiences, at no cost to the employer, as the grant covers the cost of the wages/wage reimbursement for the employer.


The Tennessee Youth Employment Program exists to allow youth to gain applicable experience in different industries of interest, connect youth with local employers in your community, fulfill a potential of seeking long-term employment opportunities, and, of course, strengthen their ability to earn wages! The program also exists to assist youth build resumes and provide life skills training to help them succeed in the workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Youth FAQs

Is there  a company or employer you are interested in working with?

Great! Make sure HR or the hiring manager at that company knows about this great opportunity. 

What is the benefit for the youth to participate in the Youth Program?
This is a great opportunity for learn more about different careers and get paid while doing it.

What are the eligibility requirements to participate?
Individuals aged 14-24 are eligible to participate.

Can you guarantee all participants a job?
We cannot guarantee a job, but we work with local area employers and try to match youth and employers as best as we can. It is important we have as many employers participate as possible.

Can my short-term job turn into a long-term employment opportunity?
Of course! You are hired as an employee of the company; the state is not your employer. You could be opened up to long-term employment with that employer! This can be an onramp to a career pathway that you enjoy and could even result in certifications, paid learning opportunities, apprenticeship programs, etc., with that employer.

Employer FAQs

How do we recruit or attract the ideal candidates? 

The NETLWDB, the FTDD, nor the State will recruit candidates for you, so we encourage every worksite to rely on their respective networks to attract the ideal candidates. 

What is the benefit for the employer by participating in the Youth

The employer will get a part time employee that the Youth Program will pay. This might be directly to the youth or as a reimbursement. Also, this could potentially lead to a future fulltime employee, once the maximum payout has been reached by the participant.

Who oversees the youth while they work for a company?
The youth is the employee of the company, and the company would be in charge as it is any of their other employees. The State of Tennessee does not manage or assist with hiring or firing of participants that are enrolled in this program.

Do Federal and State laws apply to this grant?
Yes. All Federal and State child laws apply to this grant.

How many participants can work for my company?
We do not have a minimum or maximum number, but we want to ensure that work is available for the participants and there is room for proper management by the employer.

Want to be a TYEP Worksite?

Thank you for your interest in the Tennessee Youth Employment Program as a worksite. A member of the staff will be in touch with you shortly!

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