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Local Elected Officials

A chief elected official, such as a County Mayor,  appoints members to sit on the Board of NETLWDB. As a result, county elected officials have an important opportunity to appoint cross-sector representatives that are active in the research, analysis, program development and coordination across the entire workforce system.  Counties can thus ensure that the NETLWDB includes members that best represent particular needs and business growth in their communities and within the region. 

County Mayors

Hon. Richard Venable

Mayor of Sullivan County

Chief Local Elected Official of NETLWDB

Hon. Patty Woodby

Mayor of Carter County

Hon. Kevin Morrison

Mayor of Greene County

Hon. Thomas Harrison

Mayor of Hancock County

Hon. Jim Lee

Mayor of Hawkins County

Hon. Mike Taylor

Mayor of Johnson County

Hon. Garland "Bubba" Evely

Mayor of Unicoi County

Hon. Joe Grandy

Mayor of Washington County

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